Thank you Myer Hobart and the Myer Community Fund

From left, Trish and Kelly, Myer, Janet Saunders, CEO and Anne Jarvis, Property Manager HWS

We are pleased to let our Facebook friends know that we have received a grant from the Myer Community Fund.  The $25,000, the funding will be used to purchase toys and equipment for a new activities and recreation room and to set up a toy library in our new purpose built shelter (we move in February 2018). In the 2017/18 year we estimate that we will accommodate 230 children.  Children often arrive with none or few possessions, having toys they can borrow and spaces where they can play would make them feel more secure as well as supporting their caregiver.  Often the children we accommodate are traumatised.  Exposure to trauma affects children’s ability to regulate, identify, and express emotions.  We see that having spaces where we can create play, will assist in creating a feeling of safety and will provide the children with opportunities for engagement, empowerment, and connection.  When children are fully and freely engaged in play, they learn new things, develop key social and emotional skills, which is much needed in a time of crisis.